Frog Design's Tech Trends of 2012

January is often abuzz with 3 things: New Year resolutions, trends and forecasts for the year, and CES. I'll leave CES to the CES PR engines, because as designers, if you just focus on CES you will be a year too late. So if you want


They say 3 of the 4Ps of Marketing are Dead

Jens Martin Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen claims, at Fast Co. Design, that 3 of the 4Ps of Marketing (Pricing, Promotion and Place or Distribution) are dead. It's now a 1P Marketing world where everything should revolve around the Product.


20 Ways to Protect and Nurture Design

Lorna Ross, a design manager at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation (That's a place I would love to visit!), shares with Helen Walters insights on running a small design team within a very large organization. Lots of great tips and insights filled with wisdom


Apple's Inconsistent Aesthetic

James Higgs writes an interesting article about the inconsistencies of Apple's aesthetic. In one corner you have Apple's sublime and minimal industrial design where every corner or radii has been considered.

These devices have become increasingly simple and pared down, even as the power contained


Apple's True Legacy

Harry Marks writes a very insightful piece on what Apple has done or will do for the computing industry in a Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud environment.

To some, it means Apple has locking you in to its “walled garden”. To others, the company is giving