We should Ban the Word Innovation

Scott Berkun, author of "The Myths of Innovation", shares on the Economist why we should all ban the word innovation. He writes:

Einstein, Ford, Picasso and Edison rarely said the word innovation and neither should you. Every Fortune 500 crowd I've said this to


Strategy's Golden Rule

Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab, writes:

What your fiercest rival does badly, do incredibly well.
It makes so perfect sense, that it is painful when people don't seem to follow it. Anyone who is serious about winning starts of by looking at how


The iPad kills Creativity?

Peter Bregman shares why he returned his iPad:

The brilliance of the iPad is that it's the anytime-anywhere computer. On the subway. In the hall waiting for the elevator. In a car on the way to the airport. Any free moment becomes a potential iPad moment.



iPad came before the iPhone

Awesome Engadget live blog covering an Interview with Steve Jobs at D8. It just ended. I found this little nugget very interesting: Steve: And same thing on the tablet. I remember telling you I thought handwriting was the slowest input method ever. We re-imagined


Creativity is How Well You Recycle it!

Bill Buxton reflects:

As a person who tries to be creative and have new ideas, it's interesting to be reminded of how few ideas I actually have. Could it be that the two main skills and acts of creativity are (a) forget what you said before,


Universal Packaging System Concept

This packaging concept by Patrick Sung might force postal organizations to review their methods of calculating shipping costs as you can now save on empty air space. The only disadvantage is you lose the stacking


2 Key Elements that Make Up the Ability to Draw

Entertainment designer Feng Zhu writes:

There are two parts to drawing. One is the technical execution of drawing itself – a pure mechanical skill. This is the hand-eye-brain coordination which can be trained and perfected over time. For example, by drawing something everyday in a sketchbook