Build Ecosystems not Products

It is commonly known that Apple does not use user-centered research to help the Business determine what they should create or do next. They go one better. They build "playing fields" wide enough for people to do as they please.

Apple has recognized what


From Unthinking Design to Design Thinking

I recently spoke to a person who has successfully started to integrated design thinking into his organization. He re-emphasized the word “started” because he feels his organization is still making the journey. Even so, his organization is already starting to see the benefits


Back to Designing and Sketching on Traditional Mediums

Feng Zhu, Entertainment Design Guru and friend of Design Sojourn, recently released a really cool video filled with tips and techniques on designing with traditional mediums, i.e. pens, paper and sketchbooks. Remember those? Just kidding! With many designers now working with digital sketching tools