Design Thinking is Killing Creativity

You might have probably heard everyone's jaw drop after I mentioned this on Twitter over the weekend. A fellow designer and I were discussing this in detail and jointly came to this disappointing conclusion. It was quite a significant conclusion and likely to be


Reinventing Work

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Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin (Amazon link), reinvents work by challenging everyone to be an "Artist" now! (Check out the Linchpin manifesto graphic above for a gist!)


Design's Return on Investment

Looks like China is getting it when it comes to design. In a recent interview on the local Chinese CCTV, Chen Dongliang, Director of the Beijing Industrial Design Center, has highlighted the tremendous economic value of Industrial Design to China's economy.

The output value of industrial


Why are there so few truly remarkable products?

It's quite simple really. Our industrialized economy, founded on mass manufacturing and economies of scale spurred by consumerism, is the greatest enemy of remarkable products. Of course many products will come close, in fact many will be hailed as fantastic or even great, but the truly remarkable