The Relationship between Design and Marketing

I have always maintained that Design and Marketing go hand in hand. Any designer looking to become more business savvy can get quite far if he or she starts with some marketing knowledge. Mike Funk writes:

Marketing is a framework for the organized delivery


The Evolution of Mario

It is pretty interesting to see how Mario's character design has evolved through the years. If you study how the heavy pixilated Mario in 1981 became the sleek rendered Mario in 2008, you can see


So Death to Design Awards because of Egos?

The quality of writing at Design Observer must be dropping. Through a tweet link that read "Design Observer Spits in its face", I was lead to an opinion piece written by Maria Popova on how she wishes the "Death to Design Awards". What a horrid


The Miura-Ori Map

not a sunrise (ミウラ折り 3) Image: not a sunrise (ミウラ折り 3) by Dan Rosen The problem with maps is that the moment you unfold them, it becomes a complete nightmare to fold them back into their original compact form. Ergonomically this is


Simplicity is about Valuing People

When we talk about simplicity we always put it in context in the usual expected ways. The usual favorite is associating Simplicity with making products easier to use. Simplicity as a design language is also a good one. Simplicity is also used synonymously